BASC governance is structured in several committees: Coordination team, Steering Committee (and its extended version), Institutional Council, International Scientific Council.

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Steering Committee (CoPil)

It is the decision-making body of the LabEx. It discusses overall BASC strategy, monitors progress of projects and networks, discusses strategies for teaching, valorisation and communication, and sets up and evaluates calls for proposals. It meets quarterly, with frequent electronic consultations.

Extended Steering Committee (CopilEt)

Besides Steering committee's members, it also includes lab directors and coordinators of flagship projects and networks. It is a consultative body that provides feedback from a broad range of decision makers within BASC. It meets semi-annually.

International Scientific Council

It is a consultative body that provides external expertise and guidance to help ensure the quality and added value of BASC’s research, innovation and education programs. It is composed of about 10 prominent researchers with several from outside of France. It meets annually.

Institutional Council

It is a consultative body that assures alignment between BASC scientific strategy and strategies of parent institutions, and provides guidance on strategic direction of the LabEx. It meets annually.

Coordination group (CoDir)

The Coordination group (Comité de Direction = CoDir) has the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the LabEx and representation of the LabEx. It meets weekly or bi-weekly. It is composed of the LabEx coordinator and two co-coordinators, and a project manager.

Ad hoc committees

Two committees make propositions for strategy and action, and evaluate small calls for proposals:

> the Education committee includes representatives of Master's programs and Doctoral schools, providing for strong links with training programs

> the Partnerships, Innovation and Expertise committee

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Diane Maurissen succeeds Cécile Blanc as of May 2, 2019.

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