Innovation in partnership

Innovation in partnership

As part of the valorisation component of the LabEx, research projects in collaboration with non-academic partners are also funded so as to contribute to innovation and/or public or private policy support. Calls were launched in 2014 and 2017.

4 projects cofunded by the EU programme called LEADER in 2016-2021


Study of potential crop pests in peri-urban agricultural context


Greening agriculture through exogenous organic matter and legumes to foster ecosystem services


A conservatory, experimental and educational orchard of wild apple trees on the Saclay plateau


Assessing ecosystem services in transitioning agro-ecosystems (This is also a flagship project)

Six projects selected in 2017


Co-conception of crop associations for organic agriculture


Development of a detection method for agricultural drains:hydrological issues on the Plateau de Saclay


Towards novel biological control against corn borer Sesamia

PACA Bois énergie

Ecological and socio-economic impacts of wood energy policy in the French PACA region: wood market, carbon storage and forest biodiversity


RPG (Graphic Parcel Register) Explorer Booster


Plant species translocation: towards the development of a web platform for managers and researchers

Two projects selected in 2014


Territoires, ideotypes and adaptative dynamics: acquisition of objectivation criteria of the state of breakdown of the Rlm7 resistance of oilseed rape to phoma stem canker


Development of a support tool for the definition of Pea  ideotypes through the use of a crop model and elaboration of a database

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