Teaching and training

Teaching and training

Within higher and continuing education, the LabEx BASC works towards the development of a large vision of sustainable development sciences.

Its objectives are to:

  • raise students' awareness on these issues and provide them with the skills required to foster the dialogue needed between disciplines, at Master and Doctoral levels, through reinforcing links between research and training; to this aim, the LabEx BASC has strong ties with the School BASE in Université Paris Saclay and four doctoral schools;
  • develop training courses designed especially for developing countries, notably through the expansion of field schools on tropical ecology organised by IRD;
  • strengthen researchers / engineers' skills at the interface between disciplines;
  • develop new opportunities of crosscutting training which will gather academics /reseachers and private sector representatives, and draw closer to environmental and agricultural policy, and regional and urban planning.

You will find here a list of actions related to training funded by the LabEx.

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