Theses supported by BASC

Several theses are part of the BASC LabEx. These theses have received varying degrees of support from BASC.

Study of the domiciliation process of Chagas disease vector hematophagous bugs using differential expression analysis of chemosensory transcriptomes - Axelle MARCHANT  (IDEX Paris-Saclay 2012 doctoral initiative funding)

Territorial dynamics of organic carbon in Ile-de-France agricultural soils under urban influence: agronomic scenarios for their sustainable management - Paul-Emile NOIROT-COSSON (funding Doctoral Initiative IDEX Paris-Saclay 2012, support through BASC's SOCSENSIT project)

Ecosystem services and land use in a periurban context: multi-level analysis in the case of the Ile-de-France Region - Jiao HUANG (China government funding) defended in December 2015

Reforesting the semi-arid tropics? Climatic stakes, constraints and opportunities in the perspective of global change - Amélie RAJAUD (IDEX Paris-Saclay doctoral initiative funding), as part of BASC flagship project 1, defended September 2016

Agronomic and environmental assessment of cropping systems including legumes on a global scale - Charles CERNAY  (funding Doctoral Initiative IDEX Paris-Saclay) defended in November 2016

My thesis in 180 seconds, Charles Cernay 1st Jury pPrize 2014

Demogenetics and environmental engineering: using genetics to improve models of response to environmental change -  Arnaud BECHER (BASC funding flagship project 2) defended in May 2018

Economic instruments for regulating the provision of bouquets of ecosystem services by agroecosystems - Barbara LANGLOIS (IDEX Paris-Saclay Doctoral Initiative funding) defended in June 2018

Domestic gardens, spaces of passage for pollinating insects and their encounters with inhabitants - Marine LEVE defended in November 2018 (external funding, as part of the Dynamiques project).

Introducing a diversification species into a territory's cropping systems: articulating knowledge production and design in multi-actor arrangements. Cas de la cameline dans l'Oise, Margot LECLERC, defended in November 2019 (see BASC training axis)

Adaptations to long-term climate uncertainties: socio-ecological trajectories of French forest management - Timothée FOUQUERAY, as part of BASC's Act-Lab project (funding ENS Lyon and BASC) defended in December 2019

Environmental heterogeneity, a driver of temperature adaptation in foliar plant pathogen populations? - Anne-Lise BOIXEL (ABIES doctoral school) defended in June 2020

Development, validation and first application of an indicator-based approach for multiservice, spatially explicit and dynamic quantification of soil ecosystem services - Pauline CHOQUET, as part of the ASSETS flagship project (50% ADEME BASC funding).

Interdisciplinary assessment of plant translocations for conservation purposes - Mohamed DIALLO, as part of BASC's TransLocPlant project (funded by the ABIES doctoral school)

How to restore the functioning of socio-ecological systems? Local and scientific knowledge on fire regimes in the boreal forest - Sarah Cogos 

Study of the dynamics of the interaction between maize and stem-boring lepidopteran insects - Inoussa Sanane - as part of the Itemaize project

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