Biotic interactions

Network "Biotic interactions: role and impact on diversity and agriculture"

Biotic interactions are main actors in the interplay between organisms, climate, soil and human activities.

Biotic interactions are also a driving force for the evolution of ecosystems. Global change has direct (invasive species, pathogen/symbiont prevalence/virulence) and indirect effects (susceptibility/resistance, competition) on biotic interactions. As such, it is essential to manage the impact of biotic interactions on biodiversity and agriculture.

The network, jointly managed with the LabEx SPS, will focus on pathogens, symbionts, pollinators, herbivores, predators, parasitoids and soil microbes, in particular those interacting with plants. This network federates teams from biology/evolution to agronomy/socio-economy within LabEx BASC ans SPS. Network objectives are to develop tools and theoretical frameworks for studying such interactions, foster the creation of biological observatories, support the development and knowledge of new methods to study biotic interactions, and develop evolutionary and ecological theory and modeling applied to biotic interactions.

Network coordinators:

For LabEx BASC: Marc-Henri Lebrun

For LabEx SPS: Yves Dessaux

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