RS Agroecology

Research School "Building an interdisciplinary collective in Agroecology in the LabEx BASC: assets and perspectives".

20 June 2017

Bergerie de Villarceaux (Val d'Oise)

4 days to debate, to think, to extend the contribution of LabEx BASC to the ever evolving issues of agroecology

(Graph taken from the presentation by F. Léger below, AgroParisTech 2018)

The researchers' school brought together 33 researchers and teacher-researchers from 11 of the 13 units that make up the LabEx, as well as from the MOsAR unit. Many disciplines were represented: environmental sciences (climatology, hydrology, soil science); life sciences (biology, genetics, ecology, animal science, agronomy); humanities and social sciences (economics, planning, management science).

You will find below the presentations (in french):

Chinese portraits of Agroecology " And if Agroecology was ... ? "

In six questions asked to four researchers of the LabEx BASC, we propose a poetic and playful reflection on the issues of agroecology.

Chinese portrait #1 - Emmanuel Raynaud, Director of the SAD-APT lab

Chinese portrait #2 - Nathalie de Noblet, research Director at LSCE and Deputy Coordinator of LabEx BASC

Chinese portrait #3 - Jane Lecomte, Director of the ESE lab

Chinese portrait #4 - Muriel Valantin-Morison, Research Director at Agronomie lab


Publication date: 14 September 2023